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  1. Vitamin B12 is great for increasing energy. Particularly individuals following Vegan, Vegetarian or low red meat diets are at a higher risk of becoming deficient in Vitamin B12 and notice significant improvements in energy with the administration of vitamin B12.
  2. Our Naturopathic Doctor will determine the right type of B12 for you, including hydroxycobolamin, methylcobolamin or a combination of B12 with Folic Acid.
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Modern society is quite keen on the idea of detoxification and cleansings, which helps to boost the popularity behind therapies such as chelation therapy. Cleansing the body of toxic metals is not only beneficial in the long run, many receive the therapy will notice a change in simply how they feel on a day-to-day basis.

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Glutathione is considered to be the body’s MASTER ANTIOXIDANT. Mostly produced by our liver, it is the body’s defense against toxins that are produced both inside the body and toxins that come from our environment. Stress, too many toxins, aging, poor diet, excessive alcohol intake, poor digestion and even our genetics can reduce the production of Glutathione in our body, making our cells susceptible to damage from these free radicals. Administering Glutathione intravenously is very effective at reducing cellular damage from these toxins.

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Get your Glow on! Eternal Youth.

Our Eternal Youth IV contains Vitamin C and Glutathione, the ideal nutrients for skin brightening, lightening, and anti-aging. This powerful antioxidant inhibits tyrosinase in the body. Tyrosinase is what produces melanin, the pigment that gives skin their color. Glutathione is also a vital detoxifier, working in the body to maintain cellular health by removing toxins and free radicals.


Cold and Flu Buster!

Intravenous Therapy is particularly effective at boosting your immune system. A combination of Hydration, Vitamin C, specific B Vitamins, Magnesium and Homeopathic Echinacea can quickly reduce your cold and flu symptoms, helping you recover faster. Regular IV treatments during cold and flu season is very effective at preventing an illness in the first place.



Feeling tired all the time? Need more energy to meet the demands of your busy lifestyle? The ENERGIZER IV is a great way to boost your overall energy. The addition of B Vitamins to this IV gives the body key nutrients to increase the production of energy in your cells. Adding extra trace minerals ensures you are receiving vital nutrients your body may not be receiving from your diet. This IV is great for those feeling burnt out!


1) High Dose Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin important for healthy teeth, skin, bones, and blood vessels. It’s also essential for the growth and repair of tissues throughout the body. Vitamin C helps the body create collagen, and aids in wound healing. Due to its many health benefits, it’s crucial to maintain a sufficient level of vitamin C in the body. However, if you’re not able to get enough vitamin C in your diet, or you have a condition that interferes with the absorption of vitamin C, a treatment known as intravenous vitamin C therapy is available.

Patients who require more vitamin C in their body may opt for intravenous vitamin and mineral therapy to increase their levels of this important nutrient. During treatment, a high dosage of vitamin C is administered into the bloodstream via an IV. If needed, other vitamins and minerals may also be administered in a nutrient-rich cocktail. Patients who undergo intravenous vitamin and mineral therapy often find that they have more energy, better health, and a general feeling of well-being.

Vitamin and mineral IV therapy offers a plethora of benefits to individuals with low or dwindling nutrient levels. Vitamin C is especially beneficial to the body. In low to moderate doses, vitamin C acts as a potent antioxidant, improving the body’s immune system, aiding in wound healing, and helping in the recycling of excess antioxidants, including vitamin E. When delivered in higher doses directly into the bloodstream via IV, vitamin C can also aid in body detoxification, reverse damage to cells, and can help force cancer cells to undergo apoptosis.

Intravenous vitamin C therapy can also help treat or manage a number of medical conditions, including the following:

  • Hepatitis
  • Chemotherapy
  • Heart disease
  • Anti-viral
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Detoxification
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Heavy metal removal

2) Sports Performance

Intravenous vitamin and mineral therapy is also beneficial to athletes looking to increase their athletic performance on the field. When essential nutrients are sent directly to the bloodstream, athletes can experience more energy, increased endurance, lowered risk of dehydration, and more balanced electrolyte levels. In addition to vitamins and minerals, natural anti-inflammatories can also be administered to athletes intravenously to help treat and speed up the healing process after suffering sports-related injuries.

It’s common for athletes to experience a lower level of nutrients due to water loss through sweating. Vitamin and mineral IV therapy can help replace lost or deficient nutrients quickly by transporting nutrients directly into the body. A cocktail of essential nutrients can help athletes’ recovery quicker from strenuous athletic competitions, as well as restore a normal electrolyte and healthy nutrition balance. Athletic support IVs generally consist of water to rehydrate, water-soluble B vitamins, and vitamin C to boost energy. Other nutrients given may include:

  • B-vitamins to enhance stamina and performance
  • Magnesium and calcium to reduce muscle cramping and fatigue
  • Sodium, chloride, potassium, and bicarbonate to restore electrolyte balance
  • Amino acids to aid in sports-related recovery

Adding vitamin and mineral IV therapy to your workout and competitive routine can be highly effective in your overall fitness goal. Getting started is easy. Before an IV can be administered, athletes must first undergo a brief IV screening visit, in which time a customized IV therapy plan will be discussed, including the types of nutrients needed and in what dosages and frequencies. For detoxification purposes, antioxidants like glutathione may be recommended. Primarily produced by the liver, glutathione is the body’s best defense against damaging toxins.

With the right cocktail of vitamins and minerals, IV therapy can be extremely beneficial to your overall health and wellness. For more information about nutrient IV therapy, contact IV Drip Vancouver.